Tea Towel Ideas

Tea towels fit into that category of things that are a bit ambiguous. You know you love them. You know you want & need them. But you don't know what to use them for. Here to help you are a handful of ideas for different ways to incorporate teal towels into your life!
The self-explained-but-still-great original. 
 Place a tea towel under your mixing bowl to keep it from sliding around.
Use a tea towel to wrap citrus for a small host gift. 
Create a unique table setting for your guests. 
Use a tea towel instead to air dry your dishes.
Protect your hands while handling a hot teapot. 
Use a tea towel to wrap a "thinking of you" treat. 
Line a bowl with a tea towel to keep fresh baked goods warm on the table. 
Wrap a set of 3 as a thank you gift. 
These tea towels are now available with our Fall / Winter 2015 line. 
Wishing you all the best October!
  • October 29, 2015

    Amanda Roseberry:

    Hi there!

    Love your tea towels! Do you wholesale?

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