The Story Behind the Print: Windmill

Sometimes you need to work with your hands and get a little messy. When creating the Windmill print, Krista and Avery were feeling the need for something graphic and simple, and wanted to move away from crafting the entire print digitally. They spent an evening goofing around with India ink and paintbrushes.

After covering pages with various marks, they had enough source material to work on several different prints. Krista then scanned this original source material and brought it into the digital workflow.


Once digital, the initial windmill shape was turned, stretched, reduced, and enlarged. The process to draft and complete a print is different every time. Sometimes it takes hours of work. Sometimes things click easily. The final move when crafting this print was tilting it an angle. Once tilted, the lines resembled a windmill, and the print was born.

At first glance, the Windmill print seems a little unassuming. It could even be referred to as a neutral print. (Yes, we do think such things exist.) For those reasons alone we see it as a print that does its job exceedingly well. It has just the right amount of size variation to keep the eye occupied, but just enough balance that you won’t spend your entire dinner staring at your napkin, as flattered as we would be.





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